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Photo of a woman doing fire breathing with a cloud of fire in front of her face. Image has a dark background.


Christina Ferko grew up in a family of seven girls, including her identical twin sister--whom she only occasionally switched places with to confuse people. Before writing, she dreamed of running away and joining a circus. She even learned how to eat and breathe fire, but now reserves those tricks for parties instead.


Christina loves dark and magical shows like The Magicians and creepy ones like The Haunting of Hill House, along with most zombie movies--even if they scare her. And she never has enough time for all the k-dramas she wants to watch or books she wants to read. She's also a fan of tattoos and hair dyed unnatural colors. Christina lives in Maryland with her husband and two kids, along with their four cats and one wild corgi. She spends her time happily at home writing and is represented by Cole Lanahan from The Seymour Agency.

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