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 YA Horror #1


Deep in the swamp lies a danger worse than death.


Sixteen-year-old Madison blames herself after her best friend drowns. Filled with guilt over Sadie’s death, Madison is sent to the swamplands of Georgia to spend the rest of the summer with her aunt and hopefully recover.


But the dead won’t leave Madison alone. Not when she starts hearing Sadie’s voice echoing down the long halls of her aunt’s ancient house. Madison doesn’t want to believe that Sadie is haunting—even possessing her—but when she finds messages scrawled across the mirrors and recordings on her phone in her own distorted voice that all promise death, Madison can’t even trust her own mind and memories.



Terrified of what’s happening to her, Madison confides in Wyatt, the boy next door, and his friends. As she grows closer to Wyatt and they explore the nearby swamp together, Madison learns there’s something deadly lurking within the murky water--and it wants her.


As the swamp tries to lure her to it, Madison must figure out how the it's connected to Sadie’s haunting—and how to stop both. Because if she gives in to either one, she won’t only become the next dead girl, she’ll condemn her new friends to death too.

YA Horror #2


Sometimes memories don’t fade away. Sometimes they become the monsters that hunt us.


Sixteen-year-old Penny’s Harm OCD is ruining her life. She can’t function like she used to or even go to school when her intrusive thoughts keep telling her to hurt people. Terrified of becoming like her abusive dead father, Penny decides she needs real help and enrolls in a summer therapy camp meant to help girls with traumatic pasts.

But as Penny attends her new therapy sessions, she finds that Camp Whitewood isn’t the fix she’d hoped for. Instead of getting better, she only gets worse. Not only do Penny’s harmful intrusive thoughts still yell at her, but she also starts seeing things that shouldn’t be possible—like her father’s whiskey bottle and the watch he was buried with.




As Penny’s grasp on reality spirals, her hallucinations become more intense: an entire forest shifts and changes before her, ghosts crawl out of the lake, and a monster lurks around the camp. Worst of all, her dead dad shows up, looking like the shadowy version from her childhood nightmares. But when Penny learns she’s not the only girl having visions, she questions what’s really happening at Whitewood and if she can trust the therapists in charge.


Intent on searching for answers, Penny and the other girls—including her crush, Harper—are thrown into shared hallucinations, ones that revolve around their own personal traumas and where they come out with very real injuries. Unsure if the camp’s therapists are experimenting on them or if there’s an actual monster creating the visions, Penny knows she has to face her past to save her future. And when one camper after another turns up dead, Penny teams up with the remaining girls to figure out how to stop the things that are haunting and hunting them. Together, the girls search for the truth, before anyone else can disappear—or die—next.

YA Horror #3


The lodge is abandoned for a reason. Death and rumors fill the empty building. The rooms know the secrets you try to hide. And if you step inside, it will keep them—and you—forever.


Seventeen-year-old Chloe Peterson is a perfectionist struggling to keep control of a life that feels increasingly out of order. So, when her dad forgets her birthday, she goes to her usual hang out, the local abandoned ski lodge, with her friends. Chloe wants one night where she can forget about the one class she’s not getting an A in and just have fun with her friends, even if her ex-girlfriend-turned-bestie and the guy she finds annoyingly cute both show up.



Only the lodge isn’t what it seems. It’s alive—and it knows every secret Chloe and her four friends are trying to keep hidden from each other. When the group stumbles into an area they’ve never seen before, they find five rooms filled with impossible things: the voice of Chloe’s dead mom calling to her; wallpaper painted with eyes that move and blink; and the ghost of a girl following them. But as Chloe and her friends move through the rooms, they can’t find the staircase that brought them there—or any other way out.


The friends are forced through repeating rooms that become more dangerous and chaotic as the lodge tries to expose the secrets each of them will do anything to keep buried. But as the teens lie, threaten, and manipulate in order to keep their secrets hidden, they find themselves mutating. Mirror shards slice and poke through skin, cocoon threads infect and spread over their bodies, and eyes grow where they shouldn’t. While the lodge tries to make Chloe and her friends admit their darkest truths or embrace the monsters within themselves, the group must find a way to escape the horrors of each room—or die trying.


NA Fantasy

(with horror elements)

Inspired by a Dutch folksong & mythology


Some bargains are worse than the monsters who offer them, some magic more deadly than both.

When a third girl goes missing from Saint Aechte’s monastery, a home for abandoned orphans, eightteen-year-old Tryn suspects that it’s more than love-sick fools running away. And after she witnesses a shadow-clad monster kidnap her sister, Tryn knows she must figure out how to bring her, and the other girls, back. But while trying to trap the creature, Tryn is accidentally snatched away to a kingdom full of magic and monsters and a court more deadly than any beast.

Alone in a world where bargains are bound by magic and can have dangerous consequences, Tryn makes a reluctant deal with Roelant, the shadow creature who took her from her home. Tryn must follow Roelant's commands in order to keep either of them from being found out and punished by the lord of the realm. In exchange, Roelant shows Tryn where her friends are being kept at Lord Halewyn's court, forced to dance until they die.


While forming a desperate alliance with Roelant, Tryn must outwit the lord and his treacherous bargains or risk becoming ensnared within his bloodthirsty realm and losing her sister forever. To save the stolen girls, Tryn will do anything, even if it means betraying saints, fighting murderous creatures, and becoming as dark and dangerous as the very monsters she’s surrounded by.

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